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Meet the Team: Sabrina

Sabrina - Nimvelo

Our next Meet the Team post features Sabrina, who works on Nimvelo’s online and offline marketing efforts. Whether writing the latest blog post or tweeting away on Twitter, Sabrina loves creating engaging content and connecting with our customers.

Tell us a little about your role at Nimvelo

As the marketing executive for Nimvelo, I head up and manage all of Nimvelo’s online and offline marketing efforts, from content marketing to social media. I also handle most of the general enquiries that potential customers may have. My ambition here at Nimvelo is to connect businesses with customers and build loyal engaged communities that demonstrate clear ROI.

What does an average day look like for you?

Every day is a little different for me – some days I’ll be working on the latest blog posts and making sure that our social media calendars are full. Other days, I’ll be working on strategy and reports to gather intel on what has been going on within the business. I work alongside the development team to help promote the new features and tools they’re building; for example, when Josh was working on the Nimvelo Phone Communicator, I worked on a blog post ready to go out when we launched the tool.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on our marketing plan for the next 12 months. We have a roadmap of features we want to implement, so part of my job involves working out how we’ll market these to existing and potential customers. Along with Dan, I’m at the front line in terms of feedback from customers, so we work closely together to monitor what people want from our products and pass this info on to the development team. I’m also working on some PR work for Nimvelo and trying to raise brand awareness even more!

How did you get into this role? Is there any advice you’d give to someone looking to get into marketing?

I’ve wanted to do marketing since I was about 10 – I’m not even really sure what got me into it but I just remember thinking I would enjoy it. I’ve always been interested in social media; I remember first joining Twitter (back when Ashton Kutcher was in a race for first to a million followers) and my friends all laughing at me for being on it – a year or so later all of them had joined it.

I wanted to stay close to my home in Coventry so started looking at jobs in Birmingham. I applied for the role as soon as I saw the job description but didn’t think I would get it as I didn’t have much experience, but I somehow impressed the team enough and was really happy to join them in early 2015.

If you’re interested in a career in marketing, try and get experience wherever you can, or do something that sets you apart from the rest. During my third year of university I studied for a CIM diploma to give myself an edge over other candidates. Also, don’t give up; when I finished university, I applied for about 30 jobs before I got an interview and another 40 before I got a job. It’s a really competitive field, so perseverance is key!

What’s the best thing about working at Nimvelo?

The culture! I can honestly say I enjoy coming to work. I’m able to work on what I think is best without having to get permission or approval – the independence has helped me develop so many skills that I used to lack like time management. We have fun here at Nimvelo – we take breaks to play Exploding Kittens or have a game of pool. We recently had a “team day”, which included some great team building games, but also gave us a few hours to think of some new ideas we might want to implement in the future. It’s also great that we’re able to work remotely without any hassle. It really is a fantastic company to work for!

Interested in joining Sabrina and the rest of the Nimvelo team? Please feel free to send your CV to and we’ll be in touch if we have any suitable roles!

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