How to choose an internet phone system provider

This post was written by Ethan, who joined us for work experience in June 2018.

An internet phone system provides a hassle-free way to make calls between employees and to your customers for a small fee. There are a lot of different providers on the market, and so choosing the right one for you can prove to be very difficult. This post will help you decide on the best internet phone provider for your business.

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Old Phone

What type of business phone system is right for you?

For a long time traditional landlines were the only option for businesses. The working world is constantly evolving, meaning business phone systems need to be able to keep up with the change. An increasingly popular option is virtual phone system (also known as PBX, VoIP, or cloud-based service) which work best with a good internet connection, so the technological advances that have improved availability and speed have inevitably resulted in more people using the internet to make phone calls.

There has been a lot of debate about whether cloud phone systems are better than traditional phone solutions, but it really depends on you and your business. Cloud-based systems are a lot more flexible and require far less outlay than physical landlines, although the fact they need a stable internet connection might rule them out for some companies.

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Dialling on phone

Nimvelo Phone: 5 tricks you probably didn’t know about

Once your company is up and running, you might consider getting yourself a business phone number to give yourself that professional image. With most business phone systems you’ll find out about the generic features that all VoIP providers will have; from extensions to auto-attendants.

It’s always the small tricks that are hidden, that customers want, no, need to know about. From just checking your mailbox without having to go online, or transferring a call from a regular extension to a virtual one. We’ve got all the tips and tricks for Nimvelo Phone to make your life easier.

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Business VoIP enables flexible working

How to make your business phone system more flexible

Traditionally, business phone systems have been maintained by external contractors. Phones have been hard wired on desks, and staff have been forced to use their designated extension. If something breaks, the business will have to wait for the engineer to come back, and possibly shell out for an expensive emergency visit.

Flexibility is what makes voice over IP (VoIP) a worthy successor to the ageing PSTN system.

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Man working from home

Does your business phone system allow employees to work from home?

The new flexible working laws, which came into force on the 30th June 2014, allow workers (who’ve completed 6 months’ service) to request more freedom in their working arrangements.

There are many ways that employees can be flexible, including: job sharing, working from home, part time or compressed hours, flexitime, annualised hours and staggered hours. All of these arrangements allow employees to find the best solution for them to achieve a work/life balance.
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Get ahead this summer with a business VoIP system

Finding the right Business VoIP system can be tough, there are many things to consider. Costs, contract length, feature sets and ease of use are some of the many variables. Here at Sipcentric we believe that we have put together the ideal Business VoIP system for small and medium businesses.


One of the main reasons for choosing a phone system is the cost. We aim to keep costs low and competitive and allow users to only pay for the features they want or need. Users therefore have the flexibility to add and remove features from the virtual PBX at their freewill.

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